January 22, 2009

PyCon 2009: The Magic Begins ...

I've just spent a half an hour reading the list of talks accepted for PyCon 2009. I think the Program Committee has done an excellent job this year [full disclosure: I am notionally a member of the PC, but was unable to attend any of its selection meetings] and their choices will make this the best PyCon yet.

There's information about packaging Python applications, using Stackless to speed up massively multi-player games, OpenGL graphics, testing, giving presentations (and presentation technology), scientific applications, ... you name it.

I challenge anyone with a practical interest in Python to spend three days at PyCon and not find so much of interest that they would like to be in two places at once at least some of the time. With luck the quality and quantity of video coming from this year's conference will increase once more, but watching the videos is definitely no substitute for being there.

PyCon is the most enjoyable conference I attend, and a jewel even among open source conferences. I haven't missed a single one so far, and I am not about to start this year. Be there!

[Note to speakers: every year PyCon offers help to speakers, both experienced and inexperienced, to help them be more effective presenters. Please take advantage of this facility, particularly if you are new to presenting at conferences: it can really help].

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