November 7, 2008

World Plone Day? Communicate, Dammit!

So just now, somewhat after midday Eastern Time, I discover that today is World Plone Day.

Forgive me for saying so, but as Python Software Foundation chairman I should have expected to hear about this event a little in advance. I would even have welcomed the opportunity to lend PSF resources towards publicizing it, seeing as how Plone is one of Python's showcase applications. Alas apparently nobody thought to try and use the PSF as a channel. So I hope World Plone Day goes well this year, and that it doesn't pass everybody else by as it did me.

For the record, the PSF runs its own blog, whose articles are well-syndicated on the web, and we are also usually happy to put Python-related events as front-page news on the web site.

If you are running some newsworthy event, mail the webmasters (if you aren't savvy enough to work out the correct email address, webmaster at python dot org should get you there) to avail yourselves of the opportunity! However can we achieve world domination if we continually hide Python's light under a bushel?


Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,
Thanks for the 'prod' and yes we should've thought about advertising things via Funnily (or not so funnily) enough I did advertise it via the New Zealand Python User Group ( but not the global one. We'll ensure we use the Global Python resources next year.
Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm surprised the local WPD event coordinators didn't contact the local Python groups.

But I'm also certain that your blog post will make them improve next year. ;)

Steve said...

Hey, everyone organizing Python events (including the PSF) needs to improve their communications. It's a slow process, but together we can help each other.