October 21, 2008

It's Here!

I may be an old fart, but I know when a 'phone is going to be cool. To think I was actually the guy who registered "gPhone.com" (for a client). It would be nice to see Steve McCarthy and Guy Jazynka get something for the name. They might even buy me a pint!

At least I get a chance to play with Chrome. So, who knows where the Python interpreter is?

Shame I am feeling so ropey, I'd have loved to spend the evening playing on the Intarweb. Maybe tomorrow I'll blog from the 'phone.


Unknown said...

If you wanted Python, should have gotten a nokia E71. Nokia has a Python port with full API for the phone's features like SMS, Contacts, GPS, Camera, etc.

Love my E71

Steve said...

I didn't want Python as much as I wanted to have access to Google services. I've known about the S-series for years, but I wasn't aware that the E-series phones also did Python

Unknown said...

For google I use their gmail application. For sync with calendar I use a service called goosync which will sync whichever google cals you select, not all of mine need to make to the phone.

Other than that, I use the mobile interface to reader, and they revamped the picasa interface for mobile browsers recently.

Those are about the only google services I use. It works pretty well. The one thing the G1 intrigues me on is if there's an album downloader for the music store. I can only purchase single songs via the website on my phone since they don't provide a downloader application.

Steve said...

The thing I am currently struggling with is text entry. Blogger and other Google applications use a text widget that the G1 doesn't recognize properly (maybe it's an applet or something). When you finally manage to select it (which is difficult enough), typing just brings up "Search Google for". I suspect this is a browser shortfall, which I hope will be addressed soon.