April 24, 2008

I Want Your Money!

Not for myself, I hasten to add, but to support the Brain Tumor Society. The Race for Hope 5km run is an annual event organized by my wife's employer, and we had agreed to participate before we discovered recently that one of our friends has a brain tumor. It's too early to know whether it's operable at this stage, so we are hoping for the best.

[UPDATE 4/22: I have discovered that my wife has already raised almost $2,500 so I have upped my target somewhat to see if we can't show the world that geeks aren't cheap!]

In the meantime, I have set what I feel is a fairly modest goal for additional sponsorship. I am hoping readers will show how generous the open source world can be. If you've ever enjoyed a PyCon then please drop by my personal race page to make a donation, and point your friends to it as well. I'll be quite happy to up the target if the existing one proves too easy, and any amount will be welcome.

Thanks to anyone generous enough to support this effort. If the team I'm on is in the top 5 fund raisers next week we'll have an extra $1,000 added to our sponsorship, so dig deep and treat the target as something to beat, not exceed.


Anonymous said...

Thanks in advance to readers who support you in the Race for Hope! The Race actually benefits the Brain Tumor Society and another nonprofit, Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure. I'll be there, along with other BTS staff, next Sunday - say hello if you spot us!

Steve said...

I certainly will, Dawn, and thanks for your note.