November 16, 2007

Your Chance to Talk at PyCon

If you've been thinking about submitting a talk or tutorial proposal for PyCon next year you have a few extra days. David Goodger, the chairman, has just announced a short extension to bring the deadline the other side of this weekend, at midnight (Chicago time) on Monday November 19.

You can see the original calls for talk proposals and tutorial proposals on the PyCon web site, where there are also lots of ideas for talk topics, and also some tutorial topic suggestions from last year's delegates.

Don't be a consumer - talks at all levels are needed to keep PyCon the vibrant meeting it has become. Help the Python community out, and make a name for yourself!


kib said...

Hi Steve,

I more or less let reStInPeace down, as I'm on a new project. Maybe you can give it a try here :

(you can edit reSt files with it:) )



Steve said...

Thanks, Kib, but it might have been better to comment on the original reStinPeace post!

kib said...

Sorry Steve, I was thinking it was old and ...lost !

I renamed the project PyK!
It has a lot more features that RIP, and you can even navigate inside your reSt docs with the mouse.