October 11, 2007

And, In Related News ... ?

So I read the output from my daily agent and it includes this gem:
PyWPS releases version 2.0.0
Turns out that even while I was blundering along completely unaware of version 1.something, the PyWPS Development Team have been slaving away to produce version 2.0! Now there's dedication.

Sorry to seem cynical. It is in fact an entirely worthy site, as a look at pywps.wald.intevation.org should convince anybody. As usual my ignorance's limits continue to widen. This strikes me as an amazing opportunity for a bright Python programmer or two to succeed. Geospatial data processing is hot right now.

I am extremely glad to hear that there is an open standard for this stuff. I don't suppose (hope springing, as it does, eternal in the human breast) that Microsoft are on board with the standard. Perhaps they already decided to just buy the committee when the votes come around.

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Anonymous said...

I think the more forward-looking stuff is Christopher Schmidt's web processing server:


or my Mush project:


each of which use good old HTTP instead of the OGC's niche WPS protocol.