August 13, 2007

SCO's Fate Is Sealed

A preliminary ruling in SCO's battle against users of the Linux operating system has decreed that the rights SCO was licensing actually belonged to Novell. There is along way still to go before all issues are resolved, but it's my belief that this judgment sounds SCO's death-knell. It is now a company with no prospects and precious few products, and a completely discredited CEO.

If SCO survives long enough to see all legal questions resolved I will be surprised. Novell can now choose to force SCO to waive its claims against IBM and Sequent, and the war chest that SCO had hoped to use to fund legal actions is likely to be needed to pay Novell fees that SCO have received for licenses it had no legal power to levy.

I wonder what Darl McBride's next job will be?


Doug Napoleone said...

Most likely he will be a CEO for some other privately held corporate entity that is part of some massive insider shell game, just like Gaston Bastiaens (granted Gaston cannot leave Belgium anymore, but with a six figure salary, who cares?).

Doug Napoleone said...

Once again, I think UserFriendly has it right.

whitneymcn said...

Maybe he'll help Ralph Yarro out with the effort to make port 80 porn-free?