July 3, 2006

Moin Moin - Introduction for Developers (Thomas Waldmann, Alexander Schremmer)

MoinMoin was initially a one-man project, but the original author is less frequently available now and there is a core team that is collectively responsible for the code. The project has a large user base, which grew significantly when Unicode processing was introduced and enabled internationalisation.

For the rest of this presentation you should see the published slides, which unfortunately not only accurately represent the content of the talk but also encapsulate its presentation. I suspect (though I do not know them) that the speakers were perhaps nervous, and not therefore confident enough to talk ad lib in a foreign language to what must sometimes seem like an intimidating audience.

I found this a little frustrating since the few departures from reading the slides that the presenters allowed themselves made it clear that they both had an excellent grasp of a very popular Python web application. With more time at the conference I know I would have liked to talk to them both about possible applications and developments.

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