April 28, 2006

Tutorials from PyCon

When I finally made time to visit comp.lang.python for the first time in two or three weeks I found a post that said

I would like to know if anybody can point me to the site, where it is possible to find the tutorial "Using Databases in Python" which is mentioned by Steve Holden here: http://tinyurl.com/ectj8
So of course I had to make sure that the material was available on the web. As a result you con now download my tutorials in either PDF or Open Office Impress format (yes, for once I eschewed using the obvious Microsoft products, and found that the Open Office component was a more-than-acceptable clone).

Using Databases in Python: Impress PDF

An Introduction to wxPython: Impress PDF

These materials are available under a Creative Commons license. Thank Guido van Rossum for inspiring me with the liberal terms of the Python license.

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