March 1, 2002

As the Sun Slowly Sinks in the West...

Back at AJ's for a quick goodbye, not as joyous as anticipated due to family circumstances. But good to see the Fardellas again.

The class seemed to go well, and the students appeared satisfied when they left. We shall see in a couple of weeks what they really thought, felt and knew about TCP/IP.

Now back to Dulles on a red-eye via Atlanta, benefiting yet again from the JoysOfBusinessTravel.

Do you know what a WikiWord is? See [2/19/2002 12:28:27 PM | Steve Holden]
Wiki meets Blogger, for example
. Many people have become familiar with the Wiki
aftter meeting the work of Cunningham and Cunnigham, Inc., at,
and in particular their Portland Pattern Repository's Wiki.

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