February 19, 2002

Wiki meets Blogger

I just got an e-mail from Bill Seitz, who has managed to integrate two technologies which both make the web much more of a two-way medium. I wouldn't say I'm yet a convinced blogger, but obviously (since I do have a blog) I'm interested in the technology. I'm also interested in WikiWiki webs, which allow anybody to modify the content of just about any page. The resulting web can be found at http://webseitz.fluxent.com/wiki.

It's an interesting fusion of these two technologies. This will probably make Wikis more interesting to those of a paranoid mindset, too :-), because you can add comments to a page rather than editing the whole content. I'm presuming that Bill uses standard Zope protection mechanisms to stop me from completely editing his pages, because (contrary to the Wiki philosophy) this function requires login.

But, effectively, each page in the Wiki has become an individual blog. This means that the site owner (or others who have been granted appropriate login privileges) can modify the structure, and the regular day-to-day users can blog content. Nice one, Bill!

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