April 2, 2009

PyCon Video: Even More Amazing!

I just learned from the PyCon Blog that all the video for the conference is expected to be available on-line at blip.tv by the end of Friday April 3, less than a week after the conference ended. This is indeed an awesome process, and the two videos already available via the PyCon web site shows that the quality problem that existed last year has been solved.

As I was one of the skeptics who thought we should maybe move to a professional video team I'd like to publicly take my hat off as chairman of the PSF to the dedicated team of volunteers under Carl Karsten who have made this possible.

Yet again I am compelled to say that PyCon rocks!

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Ted Pollari said...

As one of the other (and more vocal) skeptics, I'll say (again) that Carl and everyone else on the video team has proven me wrong... and the best part is that it's great to be wrong in this case because I'm rewarded with shiny videos to watch!